Tim Power and the Chair That Doesn't Exist 

The Signspeaking


For the launch of his new website TP/A, the American architect, based in Milan, Tim Power introduces Hole.

The Hole Chair, a simple inflatable lounge chair, is inflated when needed to seat an individual ( or a crowd of thousands ) and then deflated, to be hidden away in order to fully free the space.

At the same time as his proposal of the Sputnik Dome (created to house the entire collection of the Sputnik Collective with furniture by Emmanuel Babled, Marc Newson, James Irvine and others), Power attempted to create a chair that didn’t exist, or better, that existed only in a temporal sense.

With the introduction of the Sputnik Collection, the international design collectives founder Teruo Kurosaki encouraged each designer to explore their personal direction. At the time, Tim Power was infusing his design projects with an increasing subtle language, slowly shifting his role in the international design scene from designing furniture for industry towards interior space, architecture and research of the relationship between culture, nature and environment.

March 2018