Tim Power Architects is an integrated design practice, working across a variety of projects and scales including Planning, Landscape, Architecture, Residential, Workspace, Retail as well as Industrial, Furniture and Lighting Design.
Our work strives to enhance our sense of place in the world, and we attempt to infuse landscapes, interior environments and objects with care and attention to purpose.
Be they large or small, we believe all projects have potential to be catalyst for innovation and quality, and we focus on creating solutions that are customer-led, reality-based and results-oriented.
Dedicated to the preservation of the natural world, TP/A has been focused on the environment since the founding of the studio. Protection of the environment is our starting point and we apply to all of our project a broad and deeply rooted respect for the eco-system, trying to give back more to the planet than we take from it.

Our approach is a ‘both/and’ approach … meaning both Nature and Culture as well as both Innovation and Commerce.

We respond to real world economic constraints with creativity, offering complete and case specific solutions through the use of both in-house and networked consultants.
TP/A is structured to offer our clients a fully integrated consultancy that responds to their needs on a global and local level. We respond to our clients cultural expectations with attention to the artistic and aesthetic, while anchoring ourselves in a service based approach.
Our intimate knowledge of local conditions, building standards and codes combined with experience at an international level with multinational clients, and our relatively small structure allows us the flexibility to propose a variety of working consultancy proposals.
The professional services offered by TP/A include project management, engineering, quantity survey and construction management.


Tim Power

Tim Power is an American Architect and Educator, based in Milan, Italy since 1990. Born in Santa Barbara in 1962, and raised between Northern and Southern California, he graduated with a Degree in Architecture from California Polytechnic State University. Subsequently, he graduated with a Laurea Magistrale in Architecture (Dipartimento B.E.S.T. – Building, Environment, Sciences and Technology) from the Milan Polytechnic in 2006.
He has worked in the influential design offices of Superstudio and Sottsass Associati, SMWM, A+O and is the founder and director of Tim Power Architects and Tim Power Group.
Tim Power is licensed to practice Architecture in Italy and EU countries.

The Following People have worked with TP/A _ Studio Power

Nazim Beltran
Omar Berri
Lorenzo Bini
Ilaria Bona
Federica Capitani
Veronica Caodura
Nunzia Carbone
Carlo Convertini
James Darcy
Filippo Della Lucia
Paolo Delfino
Defne Ercis
Fabio Ferrino
Stasya Fedorova
Chris Fleming
Valentina Gnocchi
Nikolaus Goettsche

Stilla Graf
Ryuichi Hirota
Miho Inuoe
Jeff Shinwai Lam
Francesca Leonardi
Annabelle Little
Thomas Lippnig
Makoto Kawamoto
Alina Mergeneva
Matteo Minchilli
Mauro Molinari
Giorgio Molteni
Ciro Marco Musella
Jennifer Nespoli
Sofia Nicoli
Okyu Su Okkan
Letizia Pasello
Tim Power

Anna Randone
Giulia Ravasi
Gabriela Sabcova
Marco Sarno
Stefano Scalone
Giacomo Sicuro
Minsu Song
Anne Schweitzer
Irene Tarantino
Cristina Tinè
Clara Marie Tortorici
Yasushi Tsuchida
Serena Vaccari
Luigi Vaciago
Ada Von Kayser
Miyo Yoshida
Maiko Zenki



With over 25 years of experience in the field, Tim Power the energetic leader oversees all design projects in the office. He has worked in the influential design offices of Superstudio and Sottsass Associati, SMWM, A+O and collaborated closely with many leading International partners include projects, proposals and competition entries with West 8, Akihiro Hirata, Sou Fujimoto Architects, 8 Inc., nendo, Jun Aoki & Associates, Rosemarie Trockel, SWA Group, Mobility in Chain, Foreign Office Architects,  Junya Ishigami, Toyo Ito, Morphosis Architects and others.
Together with his team of exceptionally talented design and planning professionals in the office — many of whom are international in origin and outlook, and have worked on a variety of important projects in other leading practices around the world — the creative expertise and resources of Tim Power Architects is prepared for our clients
TP/A is fully committed to teamwork and implements this philosophy throughout the entirety of the design process. We place emphasis on creating deep collaborations between ourselves and our clients, consultants, collaborators and contractors.
Our intimate knowledge of Milan and the depth of our staff of Architects and Engineers prepares us to be extremely familiar with all particularities of local conditions, building codes, permit procedures and the tender processes in Italy, while our relatively small structure allows us the flexibility to propose a variety of working consultancy associations which cover full service engineering solutions, team building, project management, and construction supervision.


Interior Architecture
Landscape Architecture
Product Design

A strong relationship between multiple disciplines is the driving force in all of TP/A’s work. This is demonstrated through the studios work, where furniture, product design, interiors  and architecture work together without division, based upon on understanding of behaviour, space, environment and what we call scalar connectivity.

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