Shaker Peg Rail

Objects Born From Necessity

The Shakers’ dedication to hard work and perfection has resulted in a unique range of architecture, furniture and handicraft styles. They designed their furniture with care, believing that making something well was in itself, “an act of prayer.” Before the late 19th century, they rarely fashioned items with elaborate details or extra decoration, but only made things for their intended uses. The ladder-back chair was a popular piece of furniture. Shaker craftsmen made most things out of pine or other inexpensive woods and hence their furniture was light in color and weight.

Early 19th-century Shaker interiors are characterized by an austerity and simplicity. For example, they had a “peg rail,” a continuous wooden device like a pelmet with hooks running all along it near the lintel level.

The Shaker Furniture rail serves to hang furniture which not in use, allowing for the floor to be clear of cluster, and easily.
The Shakers believe cleanliness is next to godliness.