T1 Chair
Montina, Italy

Tim Power Architects designed these award winning products for Montina in 2003. The bent wood upper shell is designed to be compatible with 5 different base types and structures, adaptable to different uses.
Montina dates back from 1919 and was founded by the three Montina brothers. Initially the company produces chairs, but also clothes hangers, clothes stands and toy hoops. However, in 1920 the first catalogue of seatings is issued, showing 24 models from the stool to the sofa, to the “Vienna” models. Then in 1956, the working collaboration with designers was started, in particular with Palange and Toffoloni’s Studio TiPi. From 1963 Tito Agnoli designs for Montina and from 1969, Gio Ponti. The destiny that links Montina to design and the chair is definitely marked. The seventies start with the introduction of a stackable chair by Vico Magistretti. The names of Ilmari Tapiovara, Cini Boeri, Giotto Stoppino, Silvio Coppola, Carlo De Carli follow on. At the end of the eighties, the Masarotti family, possessing a vast experience in mass production, takes over from the Montina family as far as ownership is concerned and, follow Montina’s tradition, increasing the capacity. Chairs designed by Ettore Sottsass and Enzo Mari are produced. In the 1990’s and XX century, award winning products are designed by Jeffrey Bernett, Konstantin Grcic, Harri Koskinen, Paolo Rizzatto and Tim Power.

Location: Italy
Client: Montina
Year: 2003