Chip Chair
Milan, Italy

The Chip Chair, designed by Tim Power for Zeritalia in 1995, has since become an unexpected classic in the lineage of modern chairs.
Published in well over 100 magazine articles and books, including a cameo in the New York Times and International Herald Tribune special on the highlights of the 1995 Salone di Mobile in Milano, it has been featured in the The International Design Yearbook 1995 edited by Jean Nouvel, 1000 Chairs by Charlotte & Peter Fiell, published by Taschen in 1997 and was on the cover of The Chair by Galen Cranz, Publisher W.W. Norton 1998. In 1996 Tim Power was awarded the ‘Marie Claire Prix d’ Excellence‘ prize.

Simple and elegant, its resilience and natural materials (curved glass and tubular steel) reinforce the notion of durability of an object, in both the marketplace and domestic environment. 

Location: Milan, Italy
Client: Zeritalia_Curvet
Year: 1995