CSU _ Florence Architecture Days Symposium

May 2. 2011 

Invited guest lecturer Tim Power presented the works of TP/A in the Symposium ’30 years of Teaching and Research in International Architecture’ at CalState University in Florence. The lecture focused on ‘Connectivity’, presenting the works of TP/A in a scalar progression from small projects (industrial, furniture and lighting design) to medium (interiors, domestic and commercial works) to large (architecture and land/urban scape projects) and in relationship to their cultural and natural context, connecting the works of TP/A to a broader historic context of cultural identity in international architectural research and production.

The lecture was the last in a series with Cristiano Toraldo di Francia (founder of Superstudio, Architect, Professor of Architecture), Gianni Pettena (Artist/Architect and Historian of Architecture) and Paola Giacona and Marco Brizzi (Architects, Curators, Professors of Architecture) on research and continuity in the International Architectural scene.