Casa Gilardi by Luis Barrágan

Date: Aug, 2017

This summer, Tim Power had the honour to visit the extraordinary Casa Gilardi designed by the prestigious Mexican architect Luis Barragán in Mexico City.
Designed and built in the 70s, Casa Gilardi was the last project that the architect has done before his death in 1988.

Famous for the usage of bold colours, the architect didn’t disappoint in his very last masterpiece.
The vibrate use of shape colours, like the lemon yellow painted in the hallway, the cerulean blue walls in contrast with the bright scarlet red column in the pool area, and the bubblegum pink wall in the courtyard just infused the house with an evergreen soul.

More information about Luis Barragán please visit here.

The following is a fantastic video directed by César Pesquera for NOWNESS with an in-depth understanding of Casa Gilardi.