Being Bejing  _ Tim Power _ 6 Lectures in China

Tsinghua University + IED _ Extension Program 

The planetary trajectory of increased urbanization in the third millennium is transforming the ways in which the we inhabit our territory, our buildings and our homes:

The abandonment of small towns, ‘the countryside’, and rural areas by young people, families and immigrants looking for a ‘better life’ and improved  living conditions in large urban environments has been an overriding social trends of our era.

This trend has redefined our perceptions of space, our relationship to society and to nature and our delicate sense of individual balance, general well-being and our sense of intimacy.

An inappropriate use of natural resources in building, infrastructure and production of personal ‘tools and artifacts’ is depleting our environment of it’s  inherent cyclical nurturing qualities, and is instead filing our environment with short sighted solutions.

A series of Six Lectures will investigate current trends in Interior Space, identifying the general trends and directions of public and private space, and will question how specific strategies applied to interior design can, if even in incremental ways, help us approach designing our environments and artifacts with optimism, joy and curative means.