Alamak!  Design After Design
XXI Triennale International Exhibition La Triennale, di Milano 2 April until 12 September 2016

The exhibition title “Alamak!” is frequently used in many South East Asian countries as well as in Japan, which connotes the meaning of “oh my God!” or “what a surprise!”. This word has no one certain origin but is commonly used as a way for people to express their out-of-expected reactions to what is happening around them. This exhibition explores how forward thinking design processes and fabrication methods in combination with Asian traditions in craft and the globalised nature of aesthetics are redefining design in Asia.

Curated by Yoichi Nakamuta and Tim Power in collaboration with Industry+, Alamak! responds to the XXI Triennial International Exhibition Milan’s curatorial theme ’Design After Design’ and brings together 12 of Asia’s top design talents to present a snapshot of the evolution of contemporary design in the region.