Factory / Office / House 

Factory, Offices and Residence

Valenza, Italy – 2009

This new building will house the factory and offices of the Italian Jewelry maker Preziosismi.
The building is divided into horizontal layers, with each layer corresponding to a different function and thus clad in a different material corresponding to the use it protects.

The lower level in concrete acts as a protective shield for the Gold Factory, the middle level in white glass illuminates the Office Level, and the upper level in wood slats, domesticates the Private Residence
The top layer is shifted, cantilevering to cover and protect a private pool below.
A central courtyard is found in the buildings core, bringing natural light to a garden found in the center of the ground floor, were precious materials are made into refined and products protected behind the solid barrier.

Location: Valenza, Italy
Client: Preziosismi
Year: 2009