Palazzo Abatellis Palermo

Cloe Piccoli,  Stefano Graziani

This book, published for the occasion of Manifesta 12 and the collateral event ‘The Hidden City’, exposes the forgotten stories, events and details that shape and surround Palazzo Abatellis, designed by Carlo Scarpa in 1954.  Texts and quotes by 12 Architects and Artists, including ( Simon Starling, Kersten Geers, Tim Power ) shed light on the layers of the buildings history

…” The past does not exist, everything is simultaneous in our culture; all that exists is the present, in the representation that we make of the past, and in the intuition of the future,” declared Gio Ponti in 1957. It is a theory that seems to have inspired one of his illustrious colleague and contemporary Carlo Scarpa’s finest architectural interventions, the conversion of Palazzo Abatellis in Palermo into a museum, the seat of the Regional Gallery of Sicily. The museum, opened in 1954, still retains all of that innovative force today, and is now recognized as a masterpiece of the international museology of the 20th century.