Louis Vuitton
Minimal Shop System
Louis Vuitton Global Locations
2001   (w/ E.Carlson and D.McNulty)

The brief presented to Studio Power by Louis Vuitton was to develop a simplified shop system for new Asian Projects. Together with the in-house LV design team, a layout concept was conceived which allowed for an increased proximity between the client and the merchandise itself. This point of departure allowed for the new system to be conceived of simple interlocking and stacked volumes, creating an almost architectural-like landscape. The existing language of the historic Louis Vuitton shop system was respected and referred too, but in this project, Louis Vuitton has been given a system with a language that brings the same intensity and modernity being developed for their buildings into their retail environments.

Originally concieved as a limited system for Asian projects, the Minimal Shop System by Studio Power for Louis Vuitton has been adapted and integrated into all  new Louis Vuitton shops worldwide since 2002.