City of Milan – Gardens of Porta Nuova
International Invited Competition Entry – 2nd Phase
Milan _ Italy _ 2003 (w / West 8_)

This competition entry for the new Gardens of Porta Nuova emerges from a group effort headed by Adriaan Geuze and his West8 studio together with Studio Power, Paolo Pomodoro and C.S.T.
The group was founded on, and work departed from, a common belief – ‘ No good park can exist unless it is well connected to the adjacent neighborhoods’-
In order to provide proper connections with the park, the master plan recently approved by the City of Milan, which although containing infrastructural improvements and vital ingredients, lacks continuity in the urban fabric and increases traffic evils, and thus was entirely reconfigured in the groups competition scheme.
Having solved the major urban dilemmas, the group proposed 120,000 square meters of elaborate public park space, a delightful and necessary new asset for the city.
The project strives to uphold Milan’s heritage, representing its world famous fashion culture and facilitating a necessary open space for both residents and visitors and suggests a gardenlike illusion of rare vitality and repose.
The park design itself is an intricate mosaic of pathways, watercourses, mysterious cushions of greenery and trees, offering the Milanese numerous places of spectacle and play.