House for Humanities
Prefabricated Housing Units Competition – 1st Phase
South Carolina – United States

These prefabricated units devised for the House for Humanities group are composed of simple rectilinear elements.
These well-detailed and uncomplicated boxes can be stacked, arranged and multiplied to complete different house typologies:
L’ house – ‘‘T’ house – ‘Z’ house – ‘H’ house.

Natural materials are used throughout the interior and exterior surfaces and are combined in logical arrangements in order to reduce costs following a coherent construction methodology.
Large glazed areas are relegated to the living and public areas, creating extroverted spaces and insuring connection to the outdoors.
The sleeping and study areas are more enclosed in order to increase a sense of intimacy and protection.
The size and proportion of every space has been attentively considered and the calculated balance of light and color nurture the simple dignity and mystery of human existence.