The Civic Center of the Isola

This proposal is as much a landscape as it is a building.  The proposal is a significant intervention deliberately emphasizing the continuity of the landscape, and above all, emphasizing the generous nature of the population of the Isola, who will be sensitive to the needs of the city,  proposing ‘their’ cultural center as if it were as much part of the natural environment as it is of the urban environment.

There approach will be different from other recent interventions in Milan. Instead of filling public space with ‘architecture’, the projects strategy will instead be to expand the natural landscape

It is a micro eco-system which focuses as much on social interaction and nature as it does on architecture and the urban environment. It’s insertion into the park and city balances the multivalent needs of the inhabitants of the Isola with the needs of the inhabitants of Milan.

A center of aggregation and social and cultural integration, polyfunctional and intergenerational in nature, the Isola Civic Center offers recreational activities and social services for the residents of the Isola.

Our proposal for the Isola Civic Center is based on two simple notions:

_ Approached and viewed from the City ( Isola ) the Civic Center proposal is a visual and physical extension of the City.

_ Approached from the Park, The Civic Center proposal is ‘invisible’ acting as an is a visual and physical extension of the Park.

Il Centro Civico proposal is an important element in a more complex network of social structures (The ADA Stecca 3.0, ‘ la Casa della Memoria )  and Elders Center.

Milan, a city who’s current growth is marked by projects with an international appeal, is presently undergoing an increase in built artifacts, yet whose urgent need is actually for an increase of innovative landscapes of the same quailty of its commercial and residential projects.

The ‘Library of Trees’ Park

In announcing of the 2002 winner of the competition for the “Giardini di Porta Nuova,  the jury emphasized the essential and original character  of a new urban park in Milan.
The primary qualities of the park are the large open space with permeable and heterogeneous borders.

A new urban function – a Library of Trees – will offer Milan ( its people and its visitors ) a new and completely original resource.

The Park, although ‘generous’ in size, in relationship to the scale of its surrounding buildings and the number of users who will inhabit it, cannot afford to be further reduced in size by additional ‘architectural’ artifacts.

Since the project development stage, architectural developments have been eating away at the parks perimeters, reducing its size.

The park must not loose more public space to further building.