Nuova Sede della Provincia di Bergamo
Concorso Internazionale di Progettazione _ 2008 (project lead Jun Aoki Architects – w/ Paolo Pomodoro)
2° Place

In announcing an international design competition for the realization of the new administrative center, the Province of Bergamo has focused maximum attention on a particularly strategic civic point located in the physical and symbolic center of a vast area undergoing urban transformation.

The program of the New Building of the Province of Bergamo consited in the reorganization of the presidentail, admintrative and departeimenal needs for the Province to be housed in an 26000 sq. mt. buidling complex, to be located in a centralized pivoltal site in the Center of the new Bergamo Porta Sud Master Plan.

Out of roughly 150 applicants, including many of the worlds most prominent architects, 10 groups were chosen to compete in the final stage. The Aoki Design Group, formulated and orgnaized by Tim Power Architects and led by Jun Aoki, was selected as one of the 10 final groups.

The project proposal is primarily formed by 3 major elements: The Tower, The Slab and The Cloud.

The Jury, which award the eventual prize to Isozaki and Associates, awarded   2° Place an ‘Honorable Mention’ to the project of the Aoki Design Group, the team heaed by Jun Aoki,  which consisted of Jun Aoki and Associates (Tokyo), Tim Power Architects (Milan office) and Studio Pomodoro (Milan).