International Competition – Housing Sociale – ‘Una Comunità per Crescere’ – Via Cenni
Milan – Italy – 2009
3° Place

Studio Power / Tim Power Architects was awarded Third-Prize in an International Competition to Design ‘Housing Sociale’ in Via Cenni, Milano, Italy.
The competition was aimed at finding an efficient and sustainable solution for 9000 Sq.mts of Housing and Community services, including apartments for 110 families, infrastructure, commercial and social areas, playgrounds and urban farms.
Our proposal prescribes that in order to protect and nurture the environment, we must look beyond engineering: instead, a ‘new sustainability’ proposes to mix urban density and social variety with natural phenomenon. Landscapes, weather patterns and the metropolis combine to create truly livable environments Our proposal is a significant intervention deliberately emphasizing a great mass, as if it were as much part of the natural environment as it is of the urban environment. It is in fact an eco-system which focuses equally on social interaction and nature as it does on architecture and the urban environment. It’s insertion into the city balances the multivalent needs of its inhabitants with the existing urban fabric of Milan.
The housing units are oriented towards the south, each with an‘oversized’ semi-collective terrace, and are placed along a vertical expanse like a precipice rising above alpine pastures below. Crossing the facade are tree-lined paths, connecting the sloping grasslands and the collective functions below to the peaked green roof above.
The three winning projects were selected by an international jury, composed of 11 experts in Social Housing from 5 European countries, from 140 registered participating practices.